Monolith aluminum wheel structure for all sizes. Extreme rigidness of matrix without segments, welded spokes, reinforcement profiles or glue.
All thanks to the innovative foil bonding system that mechanically interlocks foil layers together. This truly break-through technology ensures 360 degrees of airflow without any segments, spokes or glue that can block it.
Advanced casing construction allows to use larger wheel diameters and no segments, which results in up to 18% bigger surface area than competitive products at industry standard given models casing size. Sorption layer is made of 3A molecular sieve to transfer only water molecules, and not any contaminations.
All for the better performance at lower pressure loss.


Rotary air-to-air Enthalpy Wheel
Monolith aluminium wheel up to 92”. 360 degrees airflow for better performance.

The rotating wheel heat exchanger is composed of a rotating mass filled with an air permeable material resulting in a large surface area. The media is the medium for the sensible energy transfer. As the wheel rotates between the ventilation and exhaust air streams, it picks up heat energy and releases it into the colder air stream. The driving force behind this exchange is the difference in temperatures between the opposing air streams which is also called the thermal gradient.

Hygroscopic heat exchangers

Covered with hygroscopic substance, heat exchangers which allow the energy to be removed from the moisture contained in the removed air and transferred to the air supplied from the outside.

Non-hygroscopic heat exchangers

(sensible only)

Standard heat exchangers whose purpose is to simply exchange the energy between the return and supply air. No latent energy recovery occurs in this exchanger.

Total exchangers

(both sensible and latent)

Type of hygroscopic exchangers whose total area of ​​the exchanger is involved in the recovery of latent heat. The high efficiency of the exchanger provides significant energy savings. High efficiency of the device is ensured by the most optimal application of sorption materila.

Both latent and sensible heat is transferred simultaneously as the moist air is dried and the dry air is humidified.

Latent heat is transferred as the wheel fill:

  • condenses moisture from the air stream with the higher humidity (either due to a fill temperature below the air dew point or because the fill includes a desiccant) and heat is released
  • releases the moisture through evaporation (and picks up heat) as the fill rotates into the air stream with the lower humidity ratio


Slimfit modern design casing

  • Double wall casing makes casing very rigid
  • Casing dimensions follow industry standard sizes. Direct replacement and fits RTU/AHU without any modifications. Smart casing allows to significantly increase wheel diameters, thus the surface area, by up to 11%. This results in high performance of our wheels.

Patent-pending wheel layers winding technology

Unique and automatic winding solution bonds aluminum foil layers together that makes wheel matrix ultra-rigid

  • Monolith. No more spokes or any other reinforcement are needed.
  • 360degree air flow, 100% free air flow – No gluing, No welding, just 100% free air flow

100% fire resistant

Steel casing and aluminum wheel are 100% fire resistant.

Timing belt as standard

This solution comes out of automotive industry, where proved working in extreme engine circumstances.

  • Reliable long-life silent work,
  • No more belt slippery.
  • No maintenance

360 degree free window available due to no wheel segmentation

100% surface utilization resulting in industry best efficiency providing up to 11% more surface area

Perfect peripheral sealing

Twin wheel peripheral sealing system enables us to further increase energy recovery by roughly 2% due to minimized air leakage.
Now 100% of air passes through the matrix.

EC motors – power savings and safety


  • Higher efficiency throughout the adjustment range in comparison to regular motors
  • Excellent durability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Built-in frequency drive, smooth operations and soft start
  • Allows to connect directly to AHU controls or BMS system

Comparison with competition

The TS Group products have the best Sensible, and Latent Efficiencies.

SLIMFIT wheels match the effectiveness of competitors, but with lower pressure loss, as much as 87Pa / 0,35 iwg.

  • Low pressure loss means lower fan power and in some case even a smaller fan.
  • With high effectiveness and ultra-low pressure loss, SLIMFIT wheels will help air handler manufacturers to maximize their the Recovery Efficiency Ratio (RER).

Wheel performance is AHRI certified for 1060 standard. Our design exceeds effectiveness requirements set forth by ASHRAE 90.1 and is well below allowed leakage level set by ASHRAE 61.2

Why the performance is so good?

  • Lower pressure loss comes from unique, monolith structure with 360 degree airflow and larger wheel diameter at the industry standard sizes. Lower OACF means less air is blocked by the wheel itself and less fan power is required.
  • High effectiveness is driven by innovative shape of foil that generates additional turbulences within the matrix, increased the energy transfer surface area and lowers the pressure loss.