TS Group is proud to introduce new SLIMFITenergy recovery wheels with innovative and attractive design. Product is born in the next generation, 4.0 manufacturing. No labor-intensive processes, which are hazardous for people and environment. No cutting, no gluing, no welding, no scrap. Monolith aluminum wheel structure for all sizes. Extreme rigidness of matrix without segments, welded spokes, reinforcement profiles, or glue.

Many years of experience

<strong>Many years of experience</strong>
Energy recovery is a cost-efficient, sustainable and quick way to reduce energy consumption, provide better indoor air quality and protect buildings and environment. It is a process of exchanging the energy contained in normally exhausted building air and using it to precondition the incoming outdoor air in commercial HVAC systems. These systems manage both air quality and Energy Recovery elements.

Rotary and hexagonal heat exchangers

Energy recovery wheels uses molecular sieve coated corrugated aluminum that absorbs water molecules for latent energy recovery of over 80%. We use aluminum for its durability and high sensible heat recovery. Energy recovery wheels equipped with a either 4” or 8” thick monolith wheels up to 92`` diameter. Our energy recovery wheels mayachieve the total net effectivness up to 87%. All energy recovery wheels are AHRI certified to ensure top in class performance and exceed recovery requirements set forth in ASHRE 84:2013.

Unbeatable price

The best value and attractive market price due to:

  • Unique matrix production
  • Maximized wheel diameters
  • Fully automatic production process
  • No scrap
  • Minimal manual work load needed
Market’s shortest delivery time

1 week LT – EXW conditions

Always on time

36 months warranty

36 months limited warranty for all elements