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What is Energy Recovery?

It is the process of exchanging the energy contained in normally exhausted building air and using it to precondition the incoming outdoor air in commercial HVAC systems. These systems manage both Internal Air Quality and Energy Recovery elements.

Is the system ASHRAE compliant?

Yes the wheel performance is rated according to AHRI 1060:2014 and ASHRE 84:2013.

What is the energy recovery wheel made of?
The wheel is manufactured from aluminum foil with a silica gel coating.

What is the expected life of an energy recovery wheel?
An expected life-span of 15-20 years based on the recommended cleaning and maintenance.

Does the energy recovery wheel act like a filter?
No, the Energy Recovery wheel is not a filter. Upstream systems to capture large particulate should be installed.

What is the recommended cleaning procedure for an aluminum plate heat exchanger?
Aluminum heat exchangers should be cleaned by either vacuuming off the surface or sprayed gently with hot water.

Where is the product manufactured?
Buford, Georgia